Latest Release

Morgan Black is an Erotic Romance and New Adult Romance author.

Her Latest Release is…

All Standalones! NO CLIFFHANGERS!
Skye Kellan is losing everything.
She lost her sister, Leia, six years ago. She just lost her job after sleeping with an important client. And now she’s losing her grandfather, who is dying in a hospital back home. While on his deathbed, Skye’s grandfather makes one final request; track down Leia and bring her home.
Ellis Waters knows Leia — at least he did when they were both at Connecticut Psychiatric. But he’s better now, and he hasn’t heard from Skye’s lost sister since. He just wants the past to stay in the past but when Skye pleads with him to help her find Leia, he finds he can’t say no.
But neither are prepared for the secrets they will uncover about Skye and Leia’s mysterious past – and the killer who wants them both dead.
Sometimes secrets are better left buried.

Sometimes you have to fight for love.

Sloane Cassidy’s life is practically perfect. Minus the fact her boyfriend broke up with her, she has no idea what to do after college, and her resume is so bare she couldn’t get a job at the mall.

Jordan Jackson is the best MMA fighter in the city. Other fighters fear him, and he has no weaknesses. Not anymore. He’ll bury his daemons to win.

But when Sloane meets Jordan, suddenly her future doesn’t seem so dull. And Jordan has his eye on more than one prize and he’ll risk everything to get it.


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